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  It’s hard to imagine New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leading the team’s Bible study, if, in fact, such a thing exists. But, after the last week, it might not be a bad idea for Brady to get himself immersed in the Good Book, or at least with the seventh verse of the sixth chapter of Galatians.

WYPR's Fraser Smith talks to The Daily Record's Danny Jacobs about Marilyn Mosby's new reign as the City State's Attorney.  Who is she letting go, why, and does her husband, Councilman Nick Mosby have any thing to do with those decisions? 

Fraser Smith talks to WYPR's Statehouse Reporter, Christopher Connelly about Governor Larry Hogan's proposal to balance the state budget.

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In Annapolis, the legislative session is in full swing. Politics Reporter Christopher Connelly sat down with WYPR's Joel McCord to talk about a couple of bills in the hopper, and a move by the newly minted governor that's has some advocates crying foul.

On the evening of September 25, 1953 a man on the FBI’s most wanted list was making a phone call in a phone booth on the mezzanine floor of the Town theater at Eutaw and Fayette streets. At the same time, the movie showing in the theater itself was a gangster movie called, “I, the jury.” At once and together, as if scripted, while the FBI agents peppered the phone booth with bullets, at the very same time, on the screen, there was a scene, too, of peppering bullets. So the audience could not know the difference between the real and what was on the movie screen! 

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Yesterday, the well-deserved pomp. Today – well we really don’t know. Today, Governor Larry Hogan Jr. unveils his budget. It’s almost certain to be a revealing if not sobering moment.

So far, the new leader has seemed adroit and efficient. He’s quickly fielded a promising team – cabinet members and department heads – no easy task for someone with little if any experience at such organizing. He’s had no elective, let alone major, administrative experience.

He worked in the Ehrlich Administration, and he had a hand in finding talent. But he was not in charge of it.  


Snow started to blanket Annapolis Wednesday as Maryland swore in its 62nd governor. The inaugural ceremony, which drew about a thousand people to the capital, was thick layer of bipartisanship. Newly minted Gov. Larry Hogan ran as a moderate and, in his inaugural address, he said that’s how he plans to govern.

“Today is not the beginning of an era of divided government. Today is the beginning of a new spirit of cooperation in Annapolis,” said Hogan, a real estate executive who’s never held elected office.

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The Baltimore City Board of Estimates has begun phasing out annual fees for businesses that want to add amenities such as lighting or bike racks outside their establishments.

IMP: Preaching The Gospel Of Bipartisanship

Jan 21, 2015

WYPR's Fraser Smith talks to The Daily Record's Bryan Sears about "the gospel of bipartisanship" in Annapolis:  Republican Governor Larry Hogan's pledge to work with the bluest Democrats Maryland has to offer in the General Assembly. 

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When Larry Hogan is sworn into office, he will become the first Maryland governor in more than 150 years with no prior experience in elected office. Yet Hogan, 58, is no novice. He is benefiting from a lifetime learning politics at close range.